Tech Updates for Horizon Genesis

Tech Updates for Horizon Genesis

In this update we would like to inform you on the fixes that we’ve implemented regarding some key issues on Horizon Genesis. These issues were brought up by members of our HZNation community.

Escrow Page

As you may know, the first batches of escrowed HZN rewards have become available to be unlocked by stakers. If you’re looking for information on how to do that, you can read the article on Horizon Academy.

When you successfully unlock your escrowed HZN rewards, the number shown for “total unlocked” should be equal to the total of sum of what has been unlocked by you thus far. There was an issue where this metric showed the wrong value, which has now been fixed. You can now see the correct amount of escrowed HZN that you have unlocked in total.

We have also made changes to the table containing all the information on all escrow vesting entries. Previously when rewards got unlocked the entry for that batch remained shown in the table. These are now filtered out, effectively uncluttering the table.

RPC Optimizations

Several users have reported a recurrent issue where initiating a blockchain transaction through actions on Horizon Genesis brings up an error, resulting in the user having to re-try the action until the transaction finally goes through. This error is the result of users hitting rate limits placed on the BNB Chain RPC nodes. To mitigate this we have significantly reduced the total number and frequency of calls made to the RPC nodes. By combining multiple contract calls into a single call, optimizing each page’s calls, and removing some data update conditions that could be triggered unnecessarily, the frequency of users hitting any rate limits placed on the BNB Chain public RPC nodes should be mitigated.

Please note that this does not guarantee that rate limits will never be hit. It is also worth noting that users who open multiple tabs with Horizon Genesis, Horizon Exchange, and Horizon Dashboard will all add up and accelerate towards hitting the RPC rate limit since they are all making calls from the same IP address.

Horizoneer NFT

We would also like to remind you that you have until Friday, August 24th 09:00 GMT+2 to claim your “Horizoneer” NFT.

Steps on how you can claim your NFT:

  • Go to Horizon Protocol’s campaign page on Project Galaxy.
  • Connect with the wallet you submitted in the Google form.
  • Claim the NFT. The claim fee will be covered by Horizon Protocol.

We would like to thank everyone for all the invaluable feedback you have been providing us with. Please continue with keeping us informed on your experiences with our products, and keep reporting any issue that may arise so we can promptly roll out updates. You can find our socials at the bottom of this page.