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Horizon Protocol’s Priorities for 2023 and BeyondHorizon Protocol’s Priorities for 2023 and Beyond

We wanted to lay out our thoughts on 2022 and also describe the challenges, goals and vision for 2023 and beyond.

LIVE: New zAssets!LIVE: New zAssets!

As you may know, we have been preparing the release of additional zAssets on Horizon Exchange. Today we are releasing the first batch of 5 new zAssets!

Horizon Protocol Supply and Inflation PolicyHorizon Protocol Supply and Inflation Policy

The Horizon Protocol inflation policy incentivizes collateral providers, liquidity providers, and synthetic assets onramps. The Horizon Protocol functions around collateral to back synthetic assets (zAssets) linked to real world assets using price oracles. There is a 0.3% transaction fee when trading zAssets that translates directly into rewards for those staking HZN and providing liquidity in LPs. We project that the incentive at early stages will be insufficient for users to perform this critical action required by the protocol. Therefore, we will have an inflation policy designed to stimulate growth at early stages by increasing the incentive to provide collateral and liquidity for the protocol as well as synthetic asset onramps.

Horizon Protocol (HZN) Staking DetailsHorizon Protocol (HZN) Staking Details

We are excited to share the details of the three upcoming staking pools that will be available on the Horizon Staker platform.

Road to the Future(s)Road to the Future(s)

Now that we are in Q3, we’re sure many of you are wondering, what’s next? What challenges does Horizon Protocol face?

LIVE: Horizon Dashboard 1.5LIVE: Horizon Dashboard 1.5

After a successful beta, Horizon Dashboard 1.5 is now live!Horizon Dashboard is a place where HZN stakers and traders can find useful trackable metrics. With its initial release we received a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions from the community on what we could improve, this update was developed with your feedback in mind.