LIVE: Target C-Ratio Lowered To 600%

LIVE: Target C-Ratio Lowered To 600%

Ten days ago we shared a proposal, HIP-6: Lower Target C-Ratio to 600% from 700%, with the community suggesting to lower the Target C-Ratio from 700% to 600%.

The main reason for changing the C-Ratio was to increase the total zAsset liquidity. This in turn would affect both stakers and traders due to the potential increase in both zUSD liquidity (for traders) and exchange fee rewards (for stakers). For those interested, you can read the entire motivation, the potential risks and additional thoughts for this HIP on Horizon Academy.

Based on your feedback, which was overwhelmingly in favor of changing the Target C-Ratio, we have decided to move forward with HIP-6. At the time of writing, our dev team is busy integrating this change, which will take effect on Tuesday, May 2nd at 01:00 UTC.

From then on, these will be the new Target C-Ratios:

  • Aggressive: 600% (from 700%).
  • Neutral: 800% (from 900%).
  • Conservative: 1000% (from 1100%).

Users will not have to do anything special for this change, the regular actions for stakers of course still apply:

We would like to thank everyone for their input. We believe that this joint thought process between the Horizon Protocol team and HZNation was another good step towards our goal of becoming a fully functional DAO. If in the future any Horizoneer may feel the need to further adjust the Target C-Ratio, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can find our social media channels at the bottom of this post.