LIVE: New zAssets!

LIVE: New zAssets!

As you may know, we have been preparing the release of additional zAssets on Horizon Exchange. Today we are releasing the first batch of 5 new zAssets!

The new zAssets are:

  • Amazon (zAMZN)
  • Avalanche (zAVAX)
  • Microsoft (zMSFT)
  • Nvidia Corporation (zNVDA)
  • Polygon (zMATIC)

You can go to Horizon Exchange and trade these right now!

These zAssets were selected by us after having members of HZNation across our social media channels vote on which new zAssets they would like to see added. A HIP (Horizon Improvement Proposal) was written in which we explained the motivation for this decision. It also includes the contract addresses for each zAsset, you can use these to add the selected zAssets to your personal wallet if you wish to do so. You can read the full HIP on Horizon Academy.

Note: Trading for zAMZN, zMSFT, and zNVDA will be halted on Horizon Exchange when markets are closed as the oracles will not be live during this time.

The reason why we chose for five new zAssets rather than e.g. dozens: While adding new zAssets is a fairly simple process, it still does take up time which would influence other areas of the development process, such as the much-awaited new features such as shorting. Besides that, there’s also the potential impact it could have on the protocol’s stability. This is why we have chosen to release new zAssets in bundles.

As always, your feedback is invaluable to us so please feel free to share any thoughts you may have on this update, you can reach out to use through our social media platforms linked below.