Horizon Protocol’s Roadmap For 2024 And Onwards

Horizon Protocol’s Roadmap For 2024 And Onwards

We are thrilled to share with you the latest update to Horizon Protocol’s roadmap! This roadmap underlines our commitment to innovating the decentralized trading landscape. Let’s dive into the key objectives that will shape the future of Horizon Protocol.

Key Highlights For 2024 And Onwards

Stop Loss & Limit Orders Integration for Secure Futures Trading

Recognizing the crucial role of stop loss and limit orders in futures trading, we are actively working on their integration. Following successful testing, these features will be launched alongside our Futures exchange, ensuring responsible and secure futures trading.

AI Trading Partnership with AlphaNet by Phoenix Global

Breaking new ground in decentralized trading, we are excited to announce our partnership with AlphaNet by Phoenix Global. This collaboration sets a new standard for AI trading in the market, positioning Horizon Protocol at the forefront of innovation.

Easier Onramps with Collateralized Loans/Shorts and zAsset Wrappers

To simplify the DeFi onramp process for zAssets, we’re introducing collateralized loans/shorts and zAsset wrappers. This will allow users to directly convert assets like BNB to zBNB without the need to first buy HZN, enhancing overall liquidity.

Smart Account Manager for Enhanced Margin Management

This system will interact with protocol contracts, enabling limit orders and stop loss functionalities. Additionally, it holds potential for introducing quality-of-life features such as using alternative forms of collateral and automated conversion to zUSD via DEX.

Social Programs and Referral System

Exploring social programs, including a referral system, with which advocates can earn passive income from referrals, fostering the growth of Horizon Protocol. Additionally, we are testing social trading and leaderboards on the testnet and trading competition.

Please note that the features listed for 2024 and beyond are our top priorities, chosen based on feedback from our recent community call. This list may evolve as we gather more community feedback, align with market needs, and respond to evolving product demands.

Long-Term Exploration

In our long-term exploration, we are considering features like automated AI trading, copy trading, off-chain notification systems, profit-making strategies, one-click arbitrage, one-click hedging, C-Ratio automation for HZN stake-and-forget experience, cross-chain deployments via CCIP, and the development of a mobile application.

The long term list is currently under exploration as our second priority target. It is essential to acknowledge that this list is subject to changes at any given time, influenced by community feedback, product-market fit, and evolving market demands.

  • Automated AI Trading
  • Copy Trading
  • Off chain notification system
  • Profit Making Strategies / 1-click strategies (i.e. 1-click arbitrage strategies/1-click hedging)
  • C-Ratio automation for HZN stake-and-forget experience
  • Cross-chain deployments via CCIP
  • Mobile application

2024 Objectives

2024 Ojectives

Our objectives for 2024 are shaped by reflections and lessons learned from 2023:

UI-Driven Derivatives Powerhouse

Our primary mission centers around providing the community with a derivative powerhouse with UI simplicity, ensuring that everyone has the best user-experience that’s available on the market. This involves expanding derivative options such as futures/spot trading, staking, borrowing, hedging, diversifying portfolios, or introducing one-click arbitrage. The platform acts as a gateway, enabling users to access the real-world economy through secure and efficient synthetic assets. Additionally, we aim to enhance HZN accessibility through 2 centralized exchanges (CEX) listings and fiat on/off ramps to ensure a smoother onboarding experience for users.

Competitive Perpetual DEX

We are dedicated to constructing a top-tier, competitive decentralized perpetual futures exchange. Beyond offering deep liquidity with self-custody and low fees, we aspire to introduce cutting-edge features such as AI trading, details of which can be found in the product section.

Futures Exchange as Primary Revenue Source

A pivotal aspect of our strategy involves positioning our Futures exchange as the primary revenue source for the protocol and stakers. This approach not only sustains the protocol but also stimulates growth within our ecosystem.

Expanding our Community to trading focus

Finally, integral to our mission is the expansion of our community by attracting and inviting more traders to our platform. We firmly believe that growing a community focused on trading not only benefits individual traders but also contributes to the overall success of our ecosystem.

Horizon Protocol is a DeFi platform that facilitates the on-chain trading of synthetic assets that represent the real economy. Horizon Protocol seeks to provide exposure to real-world assets risk/return profiles via smart contracts on the blockchain.