Horizon Protocol Partners with Phoenix AlphaNet to Create the First AI-Enabled DEX

Horizon Protocol Partners with Phoenix AlphaNet to Create the First AI-Enabled DEX

Horizon Protocol is partnering with AlphaNet, the premier AI platform for crypto trading. This strategic collaboration empowers traders to leverage AI capabilities on Horizon Futures DEX, offering a substantial boost in trading edge.

AlphaNet is powered by Phoenix’s decentralized AI infrastructure platform SkyNet and provides unparalleled insights, signals, and strategies built using cutting edge AI technologies such as deep learning and deep reinforcement learning.

Horizon Protocol enables permissionless derivatives trading such as perpetual futures and synthetic assets that represent the real economy. The protocol provides a comprehensive suite of tools, ensuring secure and trustless entry for investment and trading with a wide range of asset offerings.

The partnership would enable seamless integration of Horizon Protocol’s cutting-edge perpetual futures DEX, Horizon Futures, with AlphaNet’s AI offerings, enabling users to utilize AlphaNet’s deep insights, signals and strategies. This integration also paves the way for Horizon Protocol to introduce trading automation that utilizes AlphaNet’s AI strategies, effectively creating the first truly AI-powered DEX.

AlphaNet’s offerings are diverse and cater to traders’ various needs, and combined consists of technology that underwent 7200+ man-hours of research & development. From AI insights that provide an additional edge to directional trading like WaveML to AlphaNet’s flagship full trading strategy ViperAI, or the AI scalping tool Minima/Maxima, there is a little something for every type of futures trader.

For the Phoenix ecosystem, this presents an additional channel of adoption for AlphaNet, its native dApp and indirect adoption of SkyNet, its AI scaling platform. Phoenix combines AI models, computation scaling, vertical use cases and a PaaS (platform as a service) architecture to propel the next wave of decentralized AI adoption.

Horizon Futures enables traders to capitalize on every market opportunity with high leverage, deep liquidity, low slippage, highly competitive trading fees and a wide range of markets. Traders will retain self-custody of their assets, eliminating counterparty risks of centralized exchanges.

This partnership represents one of the most crucial use cases of AI within the decentralized derivatives market — alpha generation, which is essentially utilizing AI to generate profits through an investment edge.

The synergy with a next generation decentralized futures trading platform like Horizon Futures is expected to establish a new paradigm and create immense value.

Horizon Protocol is a DeFi platform that facilitates the on-chain trading of synthetic assets that represent the real economy. Horizon Protocol seeks to provide exposure to real-world assets risk/return profiles via smart contracts on the blockchain.