Horizon Protocol (HZN) Staking Details

Horizon Protocol (HZN) Staking Details

We are excited to share the details of the three upcoming staking pools that will be available on the Horizon Staker platform.

There will be a 7-day lock period for all three pools that begins to countdown as soon as you have staked your tokens. After the 7-day lock period has concluded, you can then unstake your tokens or continue staking for HZN without a lock period on the initial tokens you have staked. Please note that you are able to add more tokens into any pool at any time, they will just have a separate 7-day lock period that begins counting down as soon as they are staked.

The three pools all begin at the same time on the Horizon Staker on April 16th 12:00pm (noon) SGT.

For clarity, the three staking pools available directly on the Horizon Staker to receive HZN are:

  • PHB pool
  • HZN pool
  • HZN-BNB LP pool

The rewards within each pool are distributed proportionally to the percentage amount you have staked in the pool, relative to the total amount staked in the pool by all stakers.

PHB Pool

The PHB pool will emit 25,000,000 HZN that is front-loaded for the first 8 weeks and then maintain a baseline emission rate from week 9 until the end of the 52 week staking period. The front-loaded period will begin with a large multiplier of the base emission rate that will halve every two weeks for 8 weeks, during which time 20m HZN tokens will be initially released.

PHB for HZN staking pool (25% of total initial supply):

  • Total HZN allocation for PHB stakers: 25m
  • Total duration of PHB pool: 52 weeks
  • Duration of front-loaded period: 8 weeks
  • Amount of HZN to be emitted by the end of front-loaded period: 20m
  • Remaining amount to be emitted by end of year: 5m
  • Baseline Weekly Emission Rate: 113,636 HZN
  • Weeks 1–8 Multiplier: 46.93x — 5.87x
  • Weeks 9–52 Multiplier: 1x
Table 1. PHB-HZN Pool Emission Table

HZN Pool

The HZN pool has a linear reward rate of 72,115 HZN per week over a duration of 8 weeks for a total of 576,920 HZN tokens.

  • Total HZN allocation: 576,920
  • Total Duration: 8 weeks
  • Weekly reward allocation: 72,115
Table 2. HZN-HZN Emission Table


The HZN-BNB LP pool will have a linear reward rate of 144,230 HZN per week over a duration of 8 weeks for a total of 1,153,840 HZN tokens rewarded.

In order to participate in the BNB/HZN LP pool you need to provide HZN-BNB liquidity on PancakeSwap here. You are then given HZN-BNB LP tokens that can then be staked in the HZN-BNB LP pool to be rewarded with HZN.

  • Total HZN allocation: 1,153,840
  • Total Duration: 8 weeks
  • Weekly reward allocation: 144,230
Table 3. HZN-BNB LP Pool Emission Table