Horizon Protocol Development Update

Horizon Protocol Development Update

Happy Chinese New Year!

We are pleased to announce the milestones we have reached during the CNY holiday period, the items we are currently focusing on, and things to expect in the foreseeable future.

The staking smart contracts for Horizon Protocol have passed an independent security audit by Knownsec and no risks were detected. You can find the detailed report here. The security audit for the Genesis platform and Horizon Token Contract (HZN) is currently underway.

Horizon Protocol development is currently centered on the prerequisites for mainnet launch of the Horizon Token (HZN). There are four core goals to achieve this:

The Horizon Protocol team is dedicated to the safety and security of the protocol, therefore, all of these items must pass an independent security audit, internal testing, and community testing through a bug bounty program. They must also meet the high standards of user experience and functionality we hold ourselves to before we are prepared to launch on mainnet.

We are working to complete the front-end user interface for staking. After it’s done and has passed the security audit, the staking interface and smart contracts will be put on testnet alongside Genesis for user testing and feedback. Internal testing will continue at this point and any necessary changes will be made. The bug bounty program will run during this time to reward users that find any potential weaknesses in the code or provide feedback that becomes incorporated into Horizon Protocol. More information about the bug bounty program will be released as we approach the community testing phase.

Edit (12th April 2021): The overwhelming consensus of the team and the community is that running a bug bounty program at this point in time is redundant. This is not to say that there will be no bug bounty programs — it is not the right time. We will leave the original article up to be transparent.

The team at Horizon want to thank you all for the continued support and feedback without which the project would not be possible.