Horizon Futures Testnet Trading Competition — Your Roadmap to Winning!

Horizon Futures Testnet Trading Competition — Your Roadmap to Winning!

The Horizon Futures Testnet Trading Competition kicks off on January 1st, 2024! Get ready to seize your share of the $1000 prize pool to kickstart your new year. Check out the competition details below to prepare yourself for the challenge!

Competition Overview:

- Start Date: January 1st, 2024

- Prize Pool: Top Winners $800 (USDC + HZN)

Prize Structure:

- 1st Place: $200 (USDC + HZN)

- 2nd Place: $150 (USDC + HZN)

- 3rd Place: $100 (USDC + HZN)

- 4th — 10th Place: $50 (USDC + HZN)

Participation Guidelines:

1. Go to the Horizon Protocol V2 Testnet Futures Exchange.

2. Connect your wallet to BNB Chain testnet.

3. Acquire testnet zUSD (margin) or HZN (for minting zUSD), and BNB (for transaction fees) from the faucet before the competition starts.

4. Execute trades between January 1st to January 21st.

5. Submit your wallet address in the Galxe campaign survey before the trading period ends for scoring evaluation.

6. Boost your eligibility by completing Galxe tasks — share your trade poster on social media and earn an OAT. Don’t forget to include the tags #HorizonFutures and $HZN with your post.

Prize Distribution:

Winners will receive prizes at the end of the competition period.

Scoring System:

- Top 10 traders with the highest Percentage of PnL during the competition period.

- The leaderboard will be regularly shared and updated throughout the competition and at its conclusion.

Competition Rules:

- No transferring balances between wallets, trading accounts, or minting additional collateral during the competition.

- Any collateral transfers will result in disqualification from the rewards pool.

Timing Information:

- Traders have the flexibility to engage in trading from the official start date at UTC midnight, January 1st, until the competition concludes at UTC midnight, January 21st.

Get ready for the Horizon Futures Testnet Trading Competition! Seize the opportunity, showcase your trading skills, and shine!

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Horizon Protocol is a DeFi platform that facilitates the on-chain trading of synthetic assets that represent the real economy. Horizon Protocol seeks to provide exposure to real-world assets risk/return profiles via smart contracts on the blockchain.