Horizon Exchange on Testnet

Horizon Exchange on Testnet

Hey HZNation!

We hope everyone has taken a look around Horizon Exchange on testnet already. It’s not too late to test yourself — read this article to take a quick look and find out how! The feedback we’ve gotten has been superb and we want to highlight some issues we’ve fixed so far and what we’ve got left to do at the moment.

We have:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the volume data from being inaccurate from the subgraph.
  • Fixed an issue where a transaction on the UI gets stuck as ‘Pending’ when the blockchain transaction fails.
  • Added a 10min fallback timer that will remove a ‘Pending’ transaction from the UI if the event listener receives no updates from the wallet.
  • Fixed an issue where TradingView candlesticks weren’t printing correctly.
  • Fixed the TradingView chart so it now displays the candlestick countdown timer.
  • Fixed a display issue where certain zAssets didn’t display enough decimal places to properly display their balances.
  • Changed generic error messages to instead display transaction error messages in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue with the search function.
  • Fixed the list ordering behavior for when users “Favorite” zAssets in the market list dropdown.
  • Done some minor UI fixes.

To do:

  • Fix the issue where the timers for transactions in the ‘Oracle Check’ status aren’t displaying correctly
  • Fix an issue where prices on the Market page aren’t updating
  • Fix an issue where sometimes the candlestick data doesn’t load
  • Change the 24h price change to become a rolling 24 hour period instead of fixed
  • Fix display of volume data on D and W timeframes
  • Improve the Portfolio Value chart
  • Save user’s TradingView settings instead of refreshing when changing markets
  • Further optimize for Mobile

Issues and tasks can change based on testing.

Remember to continue testing Horizon Exchange on testnet and tell us your feedback:

  • What’s your favourite feature of Horizon Exchange?
  • What feature do you want to see on Horizon Exchange?
  • Tell us your general impression!

Stay tuned for an announcement this Friday and the METH event that will stem from it!