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Horizon Exchange on TestnetHorizon Exchange on Testnet

We hope everyone has taken a look around Horizon Exchange on testnet already. It’s not too late to test yourself — read this article to take a quick look and find out how! The feedback we’ve gotten has been superb and we want to highlight some issues we’ve fixed so far and what we’ve got left to do at the moment.

Horizon Exchange ProgressHorizon Exchange Progress

We want to update you on Horizon Exchange’s development progress.

Horizon Exchange TestnetHorizon Exchange Testnet

In this update we’re outlining development progress since our last technical update and the final steps before Horizon Exchange is ready for mainnet launch!

Horizon Genesis UI Update and New PHB Pool (Action required)Horizon Genesis UI Update and New PHB Pool (Action required)

Horizon Protocol will support the PHB redenomination plan by stopping the existing PHB (PHB V1) pool and starting a new PHB (PHB V2) pool.

Horizon Genesis Testnet — Ready!Horizon Genesis Testnet — Ready!

The official launch of Horizon Genesis on BSC is just around the corner! In the meantime, we wanted to give the community a bit of a sneak-peak of the exciting new features available.

Horizon Genesis Testnet and Staker UpdateHorizon Genesis Testnet and Staker Update

We are happy to announce that our new version of Horizon Genesis is ready for a public testnet launch on Friday 11th of June.