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LIVE: Target C-Ratio Lowered To 600%LIVE: Target C-Ratio Lowered To 600%

Ten days ago we shared a proposal, HIP-6: Lower Target C-Ratio to 600% from 700%, with the community suggesting to lower the Target C-Ratio from 700% to 600%.

HIP-6: Lower Target C-Ratio to 600% from 700%HIP-6: Lower Target C-Ratio to 600% from 700%

We have drafted up a new HIP. This one discusses the idea of lowering the Target C-Ratio from 700% to 600%. If this proposal is to go through, it would be the second change to the Target C-Ratio.

LIVE: Target C-Ratio ChangeLIVE: Target C-Ratio Change

As you may know, the team has been busy with implementing the proposed HIPs.The first one, HIP-2: Lower Target C-Ratio to 700%, is now live on mainnet.

Introducing HIPsIntroducing HIPs

We would like to introduce to you HIPs (Horizon Improvement Proposals). Through HIP, the community will be able to make changes to Horizon Protocol.

[Proposal] zUSD/BUSD LP Pool Lock Period[Proposal] zUSD/BUSD LP Pool Lock Period

Our first Horizon Protocol Community Governance vote on the zUSD/BUSD LP pool lock period is complete!

First Horizon Protocol Community Governance ProposalFirst Horizon Protocol Community Governance Proposal

Horizon Protocol plans to achieve a Horizon DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Community Governance in the future. We want to empower the community to steer Horizon Protocol’s progress and direction. To ensure our governance process is successful we will begin by using Snapshot, a gas-free voting method, to conduct our community governance votes.